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Sally & Mike. Limba engleza. Clasa a II-a (A145)


Sally & Mike. Limba engleza. Clasa a II-a (A145)
Cristina JOHNSON
Manuale si auxiliare - Clasa a II-a
Editura Aramis

Sally & Mike. Limba engleza. Clasa a II-a
Welcome to the fantastic world of Sally, Mike and their friends!

You will be happy to travel by their spaceship and to I meet strange worlds.

One day you could become a famous pilot, astronaut 1 or inventar.

Till then, be a good learner of the wonderful English | language.
The topics and activities in this textbook meant to pupils from primary school in their second year of learning English have been chosen in accordance with the national curriculum. On the other side, they have been chosen for their immediate relevance and interest to the students. The main objective of the course is to make learning English as enjoyable as possible for the young learners.

While there is no specific focus on grammar, the introduction of new grammatical structures has been carefully graded and they are always linked with the language used in context. Some grammar rules are included in the box entitled Remember which can be found in each unit.

Another important aim of the entire textbook is the systematic coverage and integration of the four skills, although in the early stages there is an emphasis on the development of oral and receptive skills. Some simple writing is included.

At the same time, the focus is on the learner-centred activities which promote large participation through pair and groupwork. Since at this very early age, pupils like to talk only about what is of major interest to them, the purpose of the course is to introduce them into a delightful atmosphere and world, full of bizarre animals, fantastic spaceships, imaginary galaxies. The course alms at introducing the main characters to young learners, who will thus participate at a strange adventure, from which the latter will enhance their vocabulary with a lot of words, without being completely aware of this complex lexical and grammatical process. The link to the present world has not been forgotten. It is generally known that pupils get more motivated and learn with more pleasure when activities engage them in talking and writing about themselves, their immediate world and interests, or even about their dreams. The texts have been chosen to motivate students' active participation.

Nr. pagini: 96
ISBN ar51'
Format 205x287
Anul aparitiei 2009

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